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Ukrainian ceasefire comes into effect

    A ceasefire between Ukrainian government forces and Russian-backed rebels has begun in eastern Ukraine. Shelling was reported to have stopped as the agreement came into effect at mid-night local time, but the rebels later said there had been exchanges of fire near the town of Dubaltseve.

    Ferrero Rocher head dies aged 89

      Italy's richest man and the head of a major global chocolate empire, Michele Ferrero, has died. He was 89. Mr Ferrero was the owner of the chocolate-manufacturing group that makes Nutella spread, Ferrero Rocher and Kinder eggs.

      India Pakistan World Cup match underway

        One of the most eagerly anticipated matches of the cricket World Cup is under way. The game between India and Pakistan -- in the Australian city of Adelaide -- is expected to attract the biggest television audience in cricket history, with hundreds of millions of people in the subcontinent following the action. India, have won all five of their

        Hadron Collider could yield more data

          Scientists say the Large Hadron Collider could yield its most significant results after multiple upgrades and repairs are finished in March. During its first run, the LHD discovered evidence of the Higgs boson which explains the behaviours of other particles.

          Taxi wins Golden Bear

            The dissident Iranian film director, Jafar Panahi has won the top prize at the Berlin Film Festival, the prestigious Golden Bear, for his film Taxi, about a taxi driver who swaps stories about Teheran with his passengers.

            Parties petition government ahead of budget

              Two political parties petitioned outside the central government offices on Sunday morning, calling for "sweeteners" to be added to the Financial Secretary's budget speech on February 25. DAB lawmaker Gary Chan says the government should introduce tax allowances to, in his words, "return the wealth to the public". He thinks it could help alleviate

              Helpers' rights at the fore during City Forum

                Debate over foreign domestic helpers' rights has renewed, following recent high-profile court cases of abuse and alleged abuse. At RTHK's City Forum, a union representative accused employers and agencies of depriving maids of their basic rights. But an agency operator said most companies abide by the law, and don't overcharge for their commission.

                Health Secretary says clinics to handle more cases

                  The Secretary for Health, Ko Wing-man, says this year's flu season is serious, when compared to the past 4 to 5 years. Speaking in Tai Po, he said the government had arranged for its out-patient clinics to be able to handle an extra thousand cases daily over the Lunar New Year holiday period. Dr Ko also said there's no easy way to tell whether

                  Ceasefire in Ukraine generally holding

                    A ceasefire in eastern Ukraine between government forces and Russian-backed separatists is largely being observed by both sides. However two people died in rebel shelling in a town near Luhansk, while separatists accused Ukrainian forces of opening fire on them near the town of Debaltseve.
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