agrees to shut its audio-ripping website after record labels take it to court



For music aficionados, has been serving as a one-stop service for downloading YouTube videos into the popular MP3 audio format for years now. However, it seems the website will soon shut down its video-to-audio converter platform after it has been dragged into a legal suit by big record labels.

According to a TorrentFreakreport, labels such as UMG, Sony Music, and Warner Bros are pressing for to terminate its audio-ripping services as it infringes copyrights. It has been named as one of world’s largest audio-ripping websites by Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). While the bill is still awaiting affirmation, the decision is likely to fall in the favour of the record labels, The Verge reports. Also, the representative body RIAA will acquire the domain from the owners of and is said to keep the audio-ripping service alive, but for enterprise purposes.

The record labels represented by RIAA filed the copyright infringement case against last year alleging that the platform is responsible for over 40 percent of all illegal audio-ripping. As per the claim documents, the website ‘illegally’ downloads music from the servers of these record labels and further distributes them, violating copyrights of the record labels.  YouTube adds ‘breaking news’ section to desktop, mobile app

The details of the court settlement have not been made public yet, but the audio-ripping website owner Philip Matesanz has reportedly admitted the loss caused to record labels and has agreed to pay a settlement fee. At the time of writing this, the website was still up and running. To check further, we tried to convert a YouTube video into audio and it failed. The message notified of some maintenance going but we suspect the website has terminated the service.

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