Opera rolls out AI-powered news feed for iPhone users in India

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Global tech firm Opera Software on Tuesday rolled out a new version of its mobile browser app Opera Mini for iPhone users in India that has artificial intelligent (AI)-powered news feed. Apart from English, the news feed is available in Gujarati, Hindi and Tamil for the Indian users.

The revamped user-interface features a news feed on its start


Flagship smartphones to compete over high-end cameras: Experts

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Global tech giants are set to release flagship smartphones equipped with high-end cameras later this year with the technological focus shifting to dual lenses instead of megapixels, industry watchers said. “While smartphones initially focused on improving megapixels, the focus is moving towards editing software such as the Optical Image S


Google junks stories it doesn’t like, claims reporter


A day after a report went viral criticizing Google for using its muscle to bury anything that is spoken against it, a former Forbes reporter has claimed that she was also put under pressure by the tech giant to ‘unpublish’ a story. Kashmir Hill wrote a piece on Friday on online technology news platform Gizmodo saying Google had pressurized her and


At TEDGlobal: Somali start-ups and a new kind of map

At TEDGlobal: Somali start-ups and a new kind of map

ARUSHA: From fostering innovation in one of the world’s harshest environments to novel ways to repel mosquitoes and map the world, here are some highlights from the TEDGlobal conference in Arusha, Tanzania.

Seeds of a Somali tech scene 

Somali scientist Abdigani Diriye believes that at some point, his country needs to do more than devote

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