It's all for money

It's all for money

Tuesday's mayhem in Narayanganj was all about money.

A section of ruling party leaders loyal to local MP Shamim Osman and some unscrupulous police officials control the footpaths and collect tolls from the hawkers, generating around Tk 1. 35 crore a month, claimed about 20 hawkers of Narayanganj city who talked to The Daily Star.

The feud between NCC Mayor Selina Hayat Ivy and AL MP Shamim Osman over the eviction of hawkers had nothing to do with politics; it is totally about the money paid by around 4,500 hawkers, they said.

The money collected is shared among the leaders of AL, AL-affiliate organisations and Chhatra League of Narayanganj and police officials of Chasara Police Camp and Narayanganj Sadar Police Station, the hawkers claimed.

The money is collected by 25 linemen on Bangabandhu Road alone, they said.

Talking to The Daily Star, a number of hawkers said they have to pay from Tk 20 to Tk 300 every day to “police and a section of local influential AL leaders who get a portion of the money”.

The amount depends on the size and location of their makeshift stalls.

Hawker Narayan Chandra said the hawkers who sit around Zia Hall intersection, Shaheed Minar, in front of Khaja Market and on Bangabandhu Road have to pay from Tk 100 to Tk 300 per day.

Just paying the toll is not enough. He said the hawkers are forced to join rallies and processions of Shamim Osman in Narayanganj and Dhaka.

You will see no hawkers or only a few hawkers on Narayanganj footpaths the day Shamim Osman holds a rally,” Oli Ahmed, a hawker who sits on Bangabandhu Road, told The Daily Star.

A tea vendor on Bangabandhu Road said either a policeman or a lineman takes Tk 20 from him every day.

The plainclothes policemen kicked me on several occasions when I failed to pay or haggled with them,” he said, adding, “Even the homeless and beggars cannot escape the police and the linemen. saw police take Tk 10 from them many times.

If they fail to pay, they are slapped,” he said, requesting not to be named and declining to name the police personnel and linemen fearing repercussions.

Asad Mia, convener of Hawkers Sangram Parishad, said there were around 4,500 small cots or tables on city footpaths and three quarters of them were on Bangabandhu Road.

Several hawkers claimed that for placing a two by three feet cot or table on the pavement, they have to pay Tk 5,000 to Tk 7,000 to local leaders close to Shamim Osman.

Narayanganj City Jubo League President Shahadat Hossain Bhuiyan Shajnu and Convener of Narayanganj City Chhatra League Habibur Rahman Riad, who are close to Shamim Osman, dealt with the hawkers, they claimed.

They mentioned a few other names of similar post holders in AL and Chhatra League but this paper could not get in touch with those leaders.

Refuting the allegations, Shahadat Hossain told The Daily Star that he had heard that some AL leaders took money from hawkers. Several times I have pressed hawkers to know the names but they told me that no Awami League leaders took money from them.

Habibur Rahman Riad said they had asked the administration and the city corporation to take actions if anyone took money from the hawkers in the name of Chhatra League.

Several witnesses of Tuesday's mayhem claimed that these AL, AL-affiliate and Chhatra League men were in the front line during the attack on NCC Mayor Ivy. The Daily Star could not verify their claims.

Chashara Police Camp In-charge Gazi Mizanur Rahman said, “Hawkers' trade on footpaths had been stopped several weeks ago. So, the allegations of taking money against police personnel are not right.

Asked whether the policemen collected toll before, he said he had no idea about the matter.

Acting officer-in-charge Abdur Razzaq of Narayanganj Sadar Police Station told The Daily Star that the allegation against police was nothing but exaggeration.

Asked to elaborate what he meant by exaggeration, Razzaq said after he took charge as the OC, he did not get any complaint that policemen collected tolls from hawkers.

He, however, said his predecessor was closed to the police lines as he had not taken proper steps to evict hawkers.

We have taken a hard line against hawkers after sir [his predecessor] was closed,” Razzaq added.

On January 15, Shamim Osman at a rally of hawkers at Chashara said he had ordered, not requested, that hawkers would sit on footpaths from 5:00pm from January 16, if the city corporation did not take any measures for their rehabilitation.

Mayor Ivy had said that she would not allow hawkers to occupy footpaths causing city dwellers to suffer. She also said she would make alternative arrangements for the hawkers at the hawkers' markets.

Many city dwellers hailed the city corporation's move to free the footpaths from illegal occupation. They told The Daily Star yesterday that despite repeated attempts over the last one year, the authorities failed to evict the hawkers due to local influential Awami League leaders and a section of police officials who take money from them.

On Tuesday, NCC Mayor Ivy and around 50 others were injured as supporters of local AL lawmaker Shamim Osman attacked Ivy and her followers, leading to a clash on Bangabandhu Road.

No case was filed over the clash as of last night and police could not arrest Jubo League leader Niazul Islam, who was seen brandishing a firearm during the clash, even though he himself filed a general diary with Narayanganj Sadar Model Police Station in connection with attempt on his life and attempted snatching of his arms.

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal yesterday said action would be taken against those who had brandished firearms during Tuesday's clash.

I give you assurance that no one will be spared. Those who have broken laws, will face the music,” the home minister told journalists in Tejgaon.

We are doing what is required. We have footages. We are looking into those who brandished firearms and took the law into their own hands,” Asaduzzaman said, adding that they were enquiring into the “unfortunate incident”.

The home minister said he personally talked to Shamim Osman and Selina Hayat Ivy after the incident on Tuesday and told them that the prime minister did not like what had happened.

I told them if you don't stop, we have to take action,” he added.

Ivy was admitted to LabAid Hospital in Dhaka after her blood pressure dropped yesterday afternoon. She is in the Coronary Care Unit of the hospital.

Ivy became sick when she was at the city corporation office around 4:00pm, reports our Narayanganj correspondent.

She had trouble breathing and had cardiac complications, said Narayanganj General Hospital Medical Officer Asaduzzaman.

Abul Hossain, Ivy's personal secretary, said Ivy visited the injured of Tuesday's clash at Narayanganj General Hospital after lunch yesterday.

She became sick around 20 minutes after she had returned to her office.

A doctor of LabAid said, “She will be kept under observation for the next 24 hours. Her condition is stable now.

Lawmaker Shamim Osman neither received phone calls nor texts of this paper.

Some hawkers yesterday opened up shops at Chashara on Bangabandhu Road defying the local administration. Police evicted the hawkers a few hours after they had sat there.


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Prakash Raj attacks PM Modi

Authors: Ecroaker. com Boosters.

Participating in an engaging debate at India Today Conclave South 2018, actors Prakash Raj and Vishal, filmmaker SK Sasidharan and Dalit activist Kancha Ilaiah took on the BJP and the Narendra Modi government over a range of issues including Padmaavat row, Gauri Lankesh killing and movie S Durga.

On a day when the Supreme Court allowed the release of Padmaavat in all the states including those where it was earlier banned over protests by Rajput groups alleging that the film hurt their sentiments, Prakash Raj said that the state governments which banned Padmaavat citing law and order problem should quit.

See there is writing on the wall. There is no conspiracy. State governments which banned Padmaavat citing law and order should quit. If they don’t, we, the people, should vote them out,” Prakash Raj said.

Other participants in the discussion on “Stand Up, Speak Up and Make Yourself Count” were actor Vishal, filmmaker SK Sasidharan, and Dalit activist Kancha Ilaiah. ey all have been vocal about the right to expression and speech.

They criticised the BJP and the Narendra Modi government for not taking strict action against fringe groups that attack freedom of speech in the name of religious sensitivities. Talking about Sasidharan’s S Durga, whose name was changed following a huge controversy, the filmmaker said that it was not a film on religion. He defended the title of the film saying he did not hurt the sentiments of any religion by making S Durga.

The BJP, their state governments, and supporters want to cater to fringe groups that carry out blatant attacks on freedom of expression, Prakash Raj said. Responding to a Padmaavat row, Prakash Raj hit out at the BJP saying, “They talk about Rajput pride. I understand if Rajputs of Rajasthan are saying so. But, what it has to do with those in Gujarat? What it has to do with Haryana?

Actor Vishal said, “(With the Supreme Court allowing an uninterrupted release of Padmaavat), justice has prevailed at the end. People working in the film industry look up to autonomous bodies who make the decision on these films and expect justice to be done, he added. Calling the allegation that the filmmakers take the sensitivities of the religious majority community for granted, SK Sasidharan said that this question “is atrocious” and “divisive,” adding, “This is not a question to be neglected. stion does not come from curiosity. It comes from divisionism. This is not a constructive question.

Responding to another question as to why no film is made on other personalities from other religions, Sasidharan said, “I can answer about the film I have made. I have not made films concerning figures from other religions. Even my film is not about religion. Prakash Raj too supported Sasidharan saying that he should not targeted for the film that is not on religion. They (the BJP) have no objection to Durga mutton shop, Durga chicken centre and the like but they have a problem of S Durga because their intent is divisive.

Prakash Raj alleged that after he addressed an event recently, the BJP people came and cleaned the stage with cow urine saying that “I am a beef eater. The actor said, “I did not talk about beef. I asked the BJP minister, who said that the government was there to change the Constitution, a question. And, they connected it with something else. Upping his ante against the BJP and PM Modi, Prakash Raj said, “They call me anti-Hindu but I am anti-Modi, anti-Shah, anti-Hegde (who had made the comment about changing the Constitution). They are not Hindus. People who support killing are not Hindus.

When Gauri Lankesh, my friend was killed, some people celebrated the murder. These were people who were being followed by PM Modi. Then I say those who support violence, killing, are not Hindus,” Prakash Raj said. Whether I have voted for him or not, he is my prime minister. He must speak up against these people. He must pull up his minister for saying that they are here to change the Constitution,” Prakash Raj said.

Dalit activist Kancha Ilaiah said accused the Modi government of playing communal politics saying that while the government drafted the triple talaq Bill, it did not support a PIL in the Supreme Court that seeks every Hindu including Dalits to have a right to become a priest in any temple in the country. Ilaiah rejected the theory that more Dalits are voting for the BJP saying, “The notion of democracy is not about vote only. The question is how after coming to power with whatever vote one got treats the lower strata of society… Why are the poorest of the poor being suppressed? Why are the young Dalits protesting ever since this government has come to power?


Akshay said this about Rajinikanth

Authors: Ecroaker. com Boosters.

Bollywood star Akshay Kumar is a big fan of Rajinikanth, just like the rest of the country. The two stars of Indian cinema will be sharing screen space for the first time in Shankar's science-fiction drama 2. 0.

Akshay, in a recent interview with Mid-day, said that the South Indian superstar is the only one in showbiz who has got swag. In fact, the actor enjoyed being on the sets of the movie so much that he claimed that he even had a blast in the scenes where Rajinikanth was bashing him up.

Once, we were just sitting on the set, waiting for the next shot and he (Rajinikanth) brushed some dirt off his pants. The entire unit was awestruck by how stylishly he did it. Everything he does is so stylish. I even enjoyed getting punched by him," Akshay said.

Akshay, who will be seen as the primary antagonist of the movie, said that he has thoroughly enjoyed being the bad guy for the camera.

Many people asked me why I wanted to play a villain and I told them, 'Why not? A hero exists only when there's a villain. I had never imagined that I would be part of the costliest Indian film.

There are numerous rumours doing the rounds about the actor's character, one of them being that his character turns into a crow after an experiment goes horribly wrong.

However, Akshay has himself made light of them and denied that his character is even similar to the one being described by fans.

Whatever you hear about 2. 0 is all a lie as no one knows anything about it and we are not allowed to talk about it. In fact, I'm glad such rumours are doing the rounds because people will be in for a surprise when they watch the film," Mid-day quoted Akshay as saying.

2. 0 will have an April release. No official release date has been announced by the makers yet. Earlier, there were reports that the movie would release in December 2017, the date was then pushed to January 26.

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