‘Disturbed ‘ Syrian national arrested for Maastricht stabbings

‘Disturbed ‘ Syrian national arrested for Maastricht stabbingsPhoto: Depositphotos.com

A 37-year-old Syrian national has been arrested in connection with two murders in Maastricht on Thursday night, police said on Friday. Earlier there had been talk of two arrests but police said only one man has been taken into custody.

Police have also said there was no terrorist motive to the attacks in which a man and


10 Mysteries Involving Families

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10 Mysteries Involving Families10 Mysteries Involving Families

The death or disappearance of an individual will usually torment their family for the rest of their days. Lives are permanently changed by such tragedies. It is arguably worst when a relative is simply missing, forever denying their loved ones closure. In some cases, however, multiple members of the same family are lost at once, […]

The post 1


Rotterdam care home worker investigated for more insulin murders

Rotterdam care home worker investigated for more insulin murders The 21-year-old nursing home assistant suspected of killing an elderly patient with insulin may have committed two more murders, the public prosecution department said on Thursday.

The man, who comes from Rotterdam and has worked at several nursing homes in the region, was arrested two weeks ago. The public prosecutor says he is now suspected of

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