Google to soon fix buzzing sounds on Pixel 2 smartphones

Google will soon release a fix for the faint buzzing sound that appears during calls on some Pixel 2 devices. According to The Verge, a community manager posted a message on the Pixel User Community forum confirming the fix in an upcoming update.

“We’re rolling out a software update in the coming weeks which eliminates a faint buzzing sound on some


Google Allo may soon be updated with new camera effects and more

Google launches Allo app

Google’s AI-powered messenger, Allo, unfortunately never became as popular as the company probably hoped. Despite, features like stickers, smart replies and suggestions, people were too hooked to WhatsApp, and many found it practically impossible to make that move to Allo. However, Google seems to be striving continually to gain the user base the


Google Pixel 2 buzzing noise to soon be fixed via OTA update

google pixel 2 xl oreo

Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have faced a lot of issues since their launch in October. While Google has recently rolled out updates, there seems to be no end to the issue of the buzzing noise. Until now that is. Google has now announced that a software update will be rolled out soon fixing this particular issue.

Orrin, Community Manager at Pixel


Google Glass returns from the dead as tool to help kids with autism


Those who declared Google Glass a failure perhaps spoke too soon as it is now resurfacing as a tool to help children with autism improve their social skills. A Cambridge, Massachusetts-headquartered company has developed a system for autism that runs on Google Glass, including the newly released Glass Enterprise Edition. Brain Power, the developer


V Shantaram’s 116th birthday celebrated with a Google Doodle

V Shantaram Google Doodle

Today marks the 116th birth anniversary of veteran Indian filmmaker V Shantaram. Marking this occasion is a special Google Doodle dedicated to the filmmaker illustrated by Sukanto Debnath. Today’s doodle portrays three of Shantaram’s most popular films produced, and directed by him in the 1950s. The doodle begins with Shataram shaped to depict the


Google Assistant update brings new features for users and developers

google assistant without branding

AI-based voice assistants saw a major boost in the commercial market this year. We saw a new entrant with Samsung Bixby and also new smart speakers like Apple’s HomePod and the Essential Home. As the race continues, Google updates its Assistant with new features for users and developers as well.

Google Assistant now has new ‘What’s New’ and ‘What’s


Facebook, Google join ‘The Trust Project’ to fight fake news

facebook and google

In their bid to fight fake news and help readers identify trustworthy news sources, Facebook, Google, Twitter and several media organisations have joined the non-partisan “The Trust Project”. “The Trust Project” is led by award-winning journalist Sally Lehrman of Santa Clara University’s Markkula Centre for Applied Ethics. Starting from Friday, an


Google Assistant now able to troubleshoot problems on your Pixel 2

google pixel 2 xl oreo

Google rolled out Android 8.1 Oreo Developer Preview for Pixel and Nexus devices last month. The preview build for Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL may have an advanced and upgraded Google Assistant. A Pixel 2 XL user running the preview build of Android 8.1 Oreo discovered that Google Assistant ran a troubleshoot program on the smartphone. It started with

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