Obesity multiplies risk of cancer disease, especially in women

Obesity multiplies risk of cancer disease, especially in women

New European research has found that being overweight or obese exponentially increases the chance of suffering from heart disease or cancer, with the risk even greater for women than men.

The findings come from the Spanish Risk Function of Coronary and Other Events (FRESCO) study led by researchers from the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute (IMIM) and doctors from Hospital del Mar, who analyzed 54,446 people over a 10-year period.

Participants were men and women aged 35 to 79, with 46. 5% of participants classed as overweight and 27. 8% classed as obese.

Only 26 percent of the participants were considered to be a normal weight, with a body mass index (BMI) below 25.

The team found that being obese posed the greatest health risks for women, who were five times more likely to suffer a cardiovascular disease, and 12 times more likely to develop cancer than women who were a normal weight.

Women who were classed as overweight but not obese still had twice the risk of heart disease and four times the risk of cancer than those who were normal weight.

Although obesity was found to double a man's likelihood of developing some type of cancer, unlike women it did not appear to have a significant influence on cardiovascular diseases.

proportional increase in the risk of adverse health events," with the team describing the results of the study as "concerning.

It is necessary to find strategies for promoting a healthy diet, doing physical activity, screening for diseases, and establishing prevention policies that affect the entire population in order to decrease the prevalence of obesity," commented Dr. Jaume Marrugat, principal investigator of the study. The improvements in cardiovascular risk factors achieved over the last 20 years are dramatically neutralized by the obesity epidemic.

The researchers added that even small weight reductions can bring huge health benefits. In a country where the average life expectancy is 80 for example, overweight people who lose 5 kilos in their 40s and do not put the weight back on can reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease by 20 percent. Women would also benefit from a 20 percent reduction in the risk of cancer.

The World Health Organization estimates that obesity affects more than 650 million people across the globe, a number which has tripled since 1975.

As well as cardiovascular disease and cancer obesity is also linked to a variety of other health conditions including diabetes and musculoskeletal disorders.

The findings can be found published online in the journal Preventive Medicine.


2 detained with foreign currency at Dhaka airport

2 detained with foreign currency at Dhaka airport

Detainees Ariful Islam is resident of Mirpur while Shamim Dhali is resident of Mohammadpur in Dhaka.

When they were heading towards a Kuala Lumpur-bound flight, Customs Intelligence officials acting on a tip off challenged them, searched their bodies and found the currency hidden, said Customs Intelligence and Investigation Directorate (CIID) Director General Moinul Khan.

Both of them often used to travel abroad, the official said.

A total of 128,500 Saudi riyals and 556 Malaysian ringgits were recovered from their possession. The foreign currencies were estimated at Tk 27,87,639, he said.


Man framed by cop clears his name after 43 years

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A man found guilty of stealing mailbags in London in the 1970s has had his name cleared, 43 years later.

Businessman Stephen Simmons, 62, from Dorking, Surrey, was 19 when he was convicted of the theft of the mailbags from Clapham Goods Yard in South London in 1976.

After being found guilty he served eight months in a youth detention centre. But Mr Simmons always maintained his innocence.

After taking legal advice from a radio phone-in show five years ago, Mr Simmons Googled the name of the policeman who’d arrested him and discovered the officer had later been convicted for stealing Royal Mail bags and framing people for it.

His case returned to court when the the Criminal Cases Review Commission referred the matter to the Appeal Court last year.

he was “100 per cent confident” that he would clear his name.

I am bitter, absolutely bitter against him.

I want to let it go, but I can't. Now I'm going to court and can have my day.

Mr Simmons was present in court in London on Wednesday when the Court of Appeal overturned his theft convictions.

Lord Chief Justice Lord Burnett announced: “We would wish only to note our regret that it has taken so long for this injustice to be remedied.

Asked if he was relieved following the ruling, Mr Simmons replied: “I can't tell you how relieved.

It has only taken 43 years, but I have got there at last.


10 People Who Survived Getting Lost In The Wilderness

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10 People Who Survived Getting Lost In The Wilderness10 People Who Survived Getting Lost In The Wilderness

Every year, thousands of people go hiking in the woods. Unfortunately, a number of these people become lost and are never seen or heard from again. Sometimes, missing people have no idea how they got in the woods in the first place. When someone disappears into the wilderness, rescuers and volunteers will mobilize in an […]

The post 10 People


Ryan re-run: Boy attacked in school allegedly by class 6 girl, principal held

In a horrific incident reminiscent of the murder of a seven-year-old student at the Ryan International School in Gurgaon, Hrithik Sharma, a Class 1 student was stabbed by a senior in a Lucknow school on Tuesday.

According to the police, Hrithik in a statement on Wednesday told them a "didi with boy-cut hair" took him to the bathroom on the second floor, slapped and then stabbed him.

The boy has been admitted to the trauma centre of King George's Medical University, where UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath visited him on Wednesday.

Hrithik has identified the perpetrator and police are questioning the 12-year-old Class 6 girl student.

Talking to the media, SSP Lucknow Deepak Kumar said, "He was attacked by a girl student of class 6 with a knife used to chop vegetables. We have sent the hair of the girl found on the body of the child, for DNA test. She will be presented before Juvenile Justice Board soon.

Meanwhile, Reena Manas, the principal of Brightland school has been taken under police custody. The school has also been slapped with a showcause notice by the district inspector of schools.

On Thursday morning parents staged a protest outside the school.

The similarities between the Lucknow and Gurgaon incidents are eerily similar.

Both the incidents took place in the school toilets. And the reason for the gruesome act? The senior wanted the Lucknow school to close early.

Seven-year-old Pradyuman Thakur, a student of Class 2 at Ryan International was found with his throat slit in the school bathroom on September 8, 2017.

Probing the incident, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) took a 16-year-old student of the same school in custody on charges of murdering Pradyuman.

According to the CBI, the teenager killed his schoolmate in a bid to postpone examinations.


Ryan re-run case: Shocking details

LUCKNOW: A Class 1 student was attacked in school with a knife, allegedly by a girl who is his senior, in Uttar Pradesh's Lucknow - a case that is chillingly similar to the murder of a seven-year-old at Gurgaon's Ryan International School.

The police said on Tuesday morning, a Class 6 girl of Brightland School called the six-year-old boy, took him to the toilet and attacked him with a kitchen knife, which has been found. The 11-year-old girl had told the child, "If I attack you and harm you, only then will the school announce a holiday.

The school's principal Rachit Manas allegedly hid the incident for a day. He has been arrested for negligence. Security cameras in the school allegedly didn't cover the toilet where the incident took place, as they should have. Hair has been found on the boy that matches the girl's hair. We have sent it for DNA profiling. The incident involves children, so we will bring the matter before a juvenile justice board," said senior police officer Deepak Kumar. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath visited the boy in hospital today; he has deep wounds on the chest and stomach, but is out of danger.

I was informed by the school that my son is injured, that he has been attacked with knife by a girl," said the boy's father. As news of the attack spread and images went viral on social media, many parents panicked about the safety of their children. The director of the school, Veena Vyas, said, "I am taking all the precautions in view of Ryan International school case.

Last year, seven-year-old Pradyuman Thakur, a Class 2 student in the Ryan International School, was found with his throat slit near a school washroom. The police have charged a 16-year-old student who, they say, believed that a death would force the school to put off an exam and a parent-teacher meeting he was desperate to avoid. The Ryan killing jolted the nation and many schools increased their security and installed more CCTV cameras.

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