This exoplanet may have atmospheric ingredients similar to Earth’s


Twice as big as Earth, the exoplanet 55 Cancri e likely has an atmosphere thicker than Earth’s but with ingredients that could be similar to those of Earth’s atmosphere, says a new study. The atmosphere of this mysterious planet could contain nitrogen, water and even oxygen — molecules found in our atmosphere, too but with much higher temperatures


Mosque fire bomber to be moved to new jail after jihadi threats

Mosque fire bomber to be moved to new jail after jihadi threats A man servicing four years in jail for fire bombing a mosque in Enschede is to be moved from the high security prison in Vught because he is being targeted by jihadis who are also being held there, broadcaster RTL said on Thursday.

At his trial last year, the man, plus four others, was found guilty of committing a terrorist offence, hence the


Rafael Nadal awarded damages over French former minister’s doping claim

  • Published in Sports
• World No1 will donate Roselyne Bachelot’s €10,000 payment to charity
• ‘The motivation, as I have always said, was not financial,’ says Spaniard

Rafael Nadal has been awarded damages after the former French sports minister who accused him of doping was found guilty of defamation.

Roselyne Bachelot, the former minister for health and sport, alleged

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