Happily Ever Afterlife: The Making of Disney Pixar’s ‘COCO’

It’s easy to understand why Día de Muertos, the Mexican holiday known to English-speakers as Day of the Dead, would prove such an alluring inspiration for animators. Its unique, colorful visual aesthetic, beguiling folkloric mythology, and family-centric ideals make it ripe for an ambitious big-screen interpretation. Aesthetics aside, however, cr


Weekend Forecast: Will Pixar’s ‘Coco’ Reign for Thanksgiving Over ‘Justice League’ Breakout ‘Wonder’?

With the latest Disney/Pixar release hitting theaters tomorrow (technically, tonight), we’re releasing our weekend forecast earlier than usual this week. (Note: several key theater counts were not yet confirmed at the time of this report’s writing.)


  • Coco will aim to become the next original Pixar hit as fans of the brand name turn
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