Illegal immigrantion hits record high


Federal Police have announced the numbers of illegal immigrants caught in Germany in 2014 and it's the highest number ever recorded – a 75 percent increase on the year before.

The number of illegal immigrants registered by the federal police in 2014, 57,000, is the highest number since reunification said police chief Dieter Romann in Potsdam on Wednesday.

Most of the illegal immigrants came over the borders from Austria and France.

“The number coming through the south border has quadrupled, while the number coming through the west border has doubled” said Romann.

The police also arrested 2,100 smugglers in 2014, an increase from 1,535 in the previous year.

“Illegal immigration is, next to international Islamic terrorism, the greatest challenge the federal police faces at the moment ,” said Romann. “Our colleagues are working to the limits of their capabilities.”