Aamir Khan talks about Shah Rukh and Salman Khans style


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Aamir Khan talks about Shah Rukh and Salman Khans style



Decade long dominators of the box-office, the Khans are raging it at 50. They’ve had their differences, they’ve had their fond bromantic moments. But what about the comparisons that won’t die away even today? Here’s an interesting excerpt from our special issue with Aamir Khan.




It’s been 25 years in the industry and you’re only getting bigger and bigger…
I guess somebody up there is looking out. Usually, stardom lasts for about seven-eight years. Ten years is a long time, 15 years a very long time. But 25 years is unusual. I can’t explain it. There’s no logical explanation for this.

It’s been the same with all the three Khans – Salman, Shah Rukh and you…
Yeah, all three of us are distinct in our philosophy of work and the work we choose. All three of us have been going strong for 25 years. Shah Rukh ka alag style aur raasta hai, mera alag style aur raasta hai, Salman ka alag raasta hai. There’s no logic. You can’t pinpoint why we’re still there.